• Ultra-light backpack for primary school kids. Great back support with plush cushions and waist and chest straps to even out the weight of the bag. 


  • The bag stands upright even with the main compartment open. This enables the kids to have easy access to items in the bag. 


  • Spacious and segregated compartment options allow contents to be well organised. Side pockets for additional space option. 

Bromin Tech Blue

S$88.00 Regular Price
S$68.00Sale Price
  • Measurements: 

    - Exterior 38cm high x 30cm wide x 18 cm deep 

    - Exterior 23cm high x 24cm wide 

    - Exterior two side pockets 16cm high x 17cm wide 

    - Interior 37cm high x 26cm side x 18 cm deep 

    - Interior back pocket with elastic strap 21cm high x 24cm wide x 6cm deep 

    - Interior front pocket with elastic band 23 cm high x 24cm wide 


    Weight: 675 g 


    Material: Water Resistent High Density Nylon


    Recommended Age: 6-10yrs