• It has great back support with plush cushions and waist and chest straps to even out the weight of the bag. 


  • Design features a trendy flip top cover with G-hook buckle for quick access. A drawstring opening that stays open for easy access to the contents. 


  • A large front compartment that extends inward into the bag, keeping the bag compact even with a full load. 


  • Segmented inner compartment with detachable option enables adjustable compartment size. A side utility pouch for storage. 

Bromin Lite Pink

S$108.00 Regular Price
S$88.00Sale Price
  • Measurements 

    - Exterior 38cm high x 25cm wide x 21cm deep 

    - Exterior 20cm high x 22cm wide x 10cm deep 

    - Exterior two side pockets 15cm high x 16cm wide 

    - Interior back packet 24cm height x 25cm wide x 7cm deep 


    Weight: 665 g 


    Material: Water Resistent High Density Nylon


    Recommended Age: 6 - 10yrs